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ExcursionsShips crossing and activities

Sea crossings to Nosy Tanikely are mainly from Nosy Be, Nosy Komba and Ankify. It takes 15 to 30 minutes by fast boat.

You can also choose other departure points depending on the services offered with or in addition to your accommodation.

Depending on your schedule, the tour operators suggest either spending the whole day at Nosy Tanikely or combining Tanikely/Komba or Tanikely/Lokobé.

The main activities on Tanikely are scuba diving and snorkelling, but those who don’t dive or snorkel will be able to relax on the magnificent beaches, as well as visiting the island and taking a walk to the lighthouse.

In a small tropical forest, you can see makis, bats, chameleons and lizards…

During a swim, you can snorkel or scuba dive to observe the magnificent coral reefs and a wide range of fish species, as this small island, which can be quickly circumnavigated by boat and crossed on foot, has many more surprises in store for you underwater than out…

Tour operators for Tanikely

We recommend the following tour operators to organise your trip to the island.

Safari Baleine

Aquatic safaris to see turtles and dolphins, as well as whales and whale sharks in season.
Snorkelling excursions. Observe cetaceans and turtles, and take to the water with whale sharks.

Ulysse Explorer

Diving cruises aboard the Ulysse explorer and Calypso catamarans. Scuba diving destinations to Nosy Iranja, Nosy Radama, Nosy Mitsio. Itineraries can be agreed directly with clients.

Nosy Komba Plongée

Scuba diving centre offering training for divers CMAS, PADI, FMPSM, EDA, SCUBAPRO.
First dives, training for divers of all levels and CMAS instructor training.

Hotels and accommodationAround Tanikely

There is no accommodation on Nosy Tanikely. The following establishments, recommended for their reliability and quality, are located around the island. They offer the Tanikely excursion to guests staying with them.

Le Domaine de Tahina


Located in Nosy Komba, on the edge of a long sandy beach, this 6-hectare estate is a true paradise for nature lovers.

Villa Nautilus


Villa to rent with a large veranda, four pleasant bedrooms, a mezzanine, lounges, a fully equipped kitchen and a small outdoor swimming pool.

Antoremba Lodge


Antoremba Lodge is an ecolodge situated on a magnificent beach on Madagascar’s mainland opposite Nosy Tanikely.

Coco Komba Lodge


Five bungalows by the sea, in Nosy Komba, so whether you’re a sportsman, an adventurer, an avid reader or a farniente enthusiast, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Villa Komba'Wa


Villa Komba’Wa is nestled in a lush tropical garden overlooking a superb sandy beach and offers three bungalows in Nosy Komba.