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How to reach Nosy Tanikely?

Nosy Tanikely can only be reached by sea. Departures are from:

  • Nosy Be.
  • Nosy Komba.
  • Ankify and Madagascar’s mainland.
  • A liveaboard for a cruise with a stopover on the island.

It takes 15 to 30 minutes by speedboat.

Nosy tanikely south-east view

All the tourist operators in the region suggest a visit to Nosy Tanikely – it’s a must. The excursion lasts half a day or a full day with lunch. You can either spend the whole day at Nosy Tanikely or combine Tanikely/Komba or Tanikely/Lokobé in the same day.

Some hotels provide the excursion themselves, while others subcontract the sea trip to partner operators.

Other sea connections are possible, depending on the services offered with or in addition to your accommodation in the region.

You can hire a boat to take you directly to Nosy Tanikely. This is particularly interesting if you are in a group.

Nosy Be. Hell Ville is 4 nautical miles from Nosy Tanikely.

Nosy Komba is 5 to 7 nautical miles from Tanikely, depending on whether you start from the east or west of Nosy Komba.

Ankify is 7 nautical miles from Tanikely and can be reached from any of Madagascar’s major cities.
You can travel by bush taxi, car or 4X4. Then, to get to Nosy Be or Nosy Tanikely, you need to take a sea shuttle.

nosy tanikely map